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Not only will you support students as they discover the historical, cultural, and social significance of the past, but you’ll give students a voice.

Become a Judge

Judge a District Competition in February and March

Before competing at the state contest, students must compete at the district level. If you live in one of Maryland’s many districts, you can volunteer as a district contest judge. You’ll review student projects, interview students, select the winners to advance to the state contest, and provide constructive feedback.

Judge the State Competition on May 4

Projects selected at the district level are ready for the state competition! Students will present their projects at Maryland History Day on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus. Volunteer as a state judge by April 1 to review projects and decide who makes it to the national contest in June.

Lend a Hand

Provide administrative support the week leading up to the event or join high school and college students for 3 to 8 hours on the day of the event in building monitors and providing other assistance. Register here!

Review Student Projects

Provide students with helpful tips and feedback that’s pivotal in elevating the quality and competitiveness of their projects as they prepare for the state contest.

Spread the Word

Can’t volunteer, but want to contribute? Email this flier to your community, post about Maryland History Day on X and Facebook, or encourage your child to participate. Any support will help our young historians.