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MD Two Fifty Maryland's Story is America's Story

America’s history through the eyes & experiences of Marylanders.

In anticipation of America’s 250th anniversary, we’re opening the pages of some of our most iconic accomplishments, from the oyster farms of the Chesapeake Bay to the mountain peaks out west. Beyond the legends we all know well, we’ll explore stories of everyday Marylanders who served our country and helped democracy prosper through civic engagement. We’re honored to commemorate our deep and meaningful contribution to America’s past, present, and future by retracing Maryland’s illustrious history.

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On this day in Maryland History

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On this day in Maryland history, a treaty was signed to end Cresap’s War (also known as Conojocular War.) This conflict, between Maryland and Pennsylvania, began as a result of border conflicts.

History Civics Service

Under Governor Moore’s authorization, the Maryland 250 Commission developed this commemoration in observance of our collective contributions to America’s 250 years.